Aerobics Queens.

August 31st, 2013 | Uncategorized

What an eventful end of the week it has been! Wednesday night, I finally met the team I would be playing for, the Liffey Celtics, and took part in my first training session. It was the first time I had been on the court since our game against Yale 10-ish days earlier and needless to say, I was sore getting out of the bed the next day. Note to self: fewer Curly Whurlies, more running.

That being said, I couldn’t let some minor aches and pains slow me down, as Katie and I were to put on our first two-day camp at KUBS. About 20 or so kids who had yet to start back at school turned out to play a little basketball over the two days. The first day, I left Katie on her own to go meet some of the kids I would be working with in a local Irish Language school. What an experience that was! The kids were great and it was very cool to listen to them speak Gaelige among themselves and their múinteoir (Irish for ‘teacher’ although I did Google that, so it could be wrong). My brain has zero affinity for languages, so it is always cool for me to meet people, especially children, who are multilingual.

This morning we were invited to a workout with many of the fathers of the girls we coach at KUBS. We did a lifting circuit followed by about a half an hour of aerobics. Although I felt a bit ridiculous at times, it was a great workout and tons of fun. After that, we had the U-17s for a training session. The girls have made loads of progress in the short time that we have been working with them. Next week looks to be another eventful week with more training sessions and a few more school visits. We may even sneak in another aerobic workout!

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