Arrived Safely!!

August 27th, 2013 | Uncategorized

I have arrived on the UUJ campus and I am happy I am finally here. It’s great to meet the other scholars at UUJ and everyone else that is involved with the Victory Scholar program. Besides the jetlag, the experience has been great thus far. Right when I arrived, I was able to go to the gym and see some of the kids from #Shehoops and watch them workout and do stations with the scholars. Afterwards, there was a session where the kids asked us questions and it was great to be able to answer their questions. Working with young people is the reason I wanted to get involved in this project as I had experience before in wanting to become a Phys Ed Teacher so telling a little bit about my background and how basketball and education helped me get where I am today was really cool.

It’s been good getting to know everybody here and getting acclimated to the Irish culture! I didn’t know how intense the Irish accent got until I heard someone for Cork (Southern Ireland) speak and it was like he spoke 100 miles per hour. Still getting used to it but I’ll come along! First basketball practice is tomorrow with Coach Mintz so I am excited to meet all the guys and get on the court with them! I will keep you all updated!


Brian H


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