Coolin’ in Clonmel

August 21st, 2013 | Uncategorized

            What’s up everyone! Clonmel has been equally good to us, and has offered us a different element of Ireland. We have seen some of the prettiest sunsets and the true countryside of Ireland. This camp was smaller than Dublin, but just as fun with the varying age groups. Diana and I left at lunch today to meet with John. He is a really nice guy affiliated with the Arsenal soccer club; but more importantly he is actively involved with the community program that we will be apart of. Gareth was of course kind enough to drive us to meet him and he showed us around the University of Limerick, our future home.

            I’m excited to work with Diana as an “assistant soccer coach,” a title I thought I would never have in life because I quit soccer at a young age. I can’t help that I wasn’t a big fan of running up and down a large field, which in my young mind never seemed to end. I’m sure Diana feels the same way about basketball, as she will be my assistant coach. Let’s just say we both found our sports and now will put our heads together to make good things happen in Limerick. Sports are just the way we will connect, but the real work will begin in the schools working on the reading and writing of the youth in the community.

            Nonetheless, we got a chance to go back to the gym this evening and work with an older group of people who just began playing basketball 2 weeks ago! Jared decided layups would be a good place to start and we finished up with form shooting and passing. On the ride home we saw horses! I almost rolled down a hill, as I went to feed a horse some grass and he sneered at me. I guess I will stick to dogs, and leave Princess Iowa (Shelby) to the horse feeding. Until next time everyone! *Waves bye*. 

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