Journey through Dublin

August 20th, 2013 | Uncategorized

I lied in my last blog, we didnt see a futbol match, we saw a HURLING game!! Hurling to me is a combination of just about every sport you can think of.  There was over 60,000 people there to see the game. The crazy part about it was the players were not getting paid to play, this was an ameutar sport.  The scholars tried to have our own hurling game, we went to a hurling club afterward, and I think Michele may have played hurling in her pervious life as she was great.

While in Dublin I stayed with the Vennie & Greene family! They were wonderful host and I learned alot of history of Irish basketball and Ireland in general from Vennie, who could make a living as a tour guide Dublin.

We hosted a camp in Dublin at the Kubs Basketball Club. All the young people were excited and thrilled to work with us.  I was surprised at how quickly they learned and picked up things on the court. 
Now we are off to Clonmel to work with a new group of kids to work with – gard to leave these guys behind but it great just to spend a little time in their company!!

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