Life in Limerick

August 25th, 2013 | Uncategorized

Well, I’m all settled in at UL and my body is under attack by the bipolar, ever changing, four-seasons-in-a-day weather pattern in Ireland. Of course I have been taking my medication, but I think it will be something my body will have to adjust to. I’m awaiting big news about the team I could possibly play for. The coach and two of the players I met were really nice. I also scrimmaged against the U17/U18 Irish Girls National team to help with their tryouts.


Walking this campus has been like walking a marathon. I already got lost and took a 30 minute detour. I’m pretty sure I walked four miles one day, just back and forth between the gym. A bike isn’t a want on this campus; it’s a need if I plan to arrive to class on time. There are spider webs and spiders everywhere! Did I forget to mention that I’m completely terrified of all living things, with the exception of humans, dogs, and goldfish? I guess so, but in the meantime I still have some shopping to do for groceries and household items.


I absolutely love our apartment, my full size bed, and my own bathroom. This place was impressively clean and we have a key card like we live in a hotel. Class registration doesn’t take place until orientation, which is in two weeks. Me and Diana also went into town to see what Limerick had to offer. We found out that college student night is on Thursday’s, so we will have something to look forward to apart from the older crowd and somewhat casually slow scene that we witnessed.


All in all, I’m excited to begin working with the community program and hopefully I’ll pick up a few soccer skills. Meanwhile, I will have to overcome my fear of many different species because UL is a concrete jungle filled with spider, birds, and other random creatures.  

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