Mission 1: Arriving to Belfast- Completed

August 14th, 2013 | Uncategorized

Here at last… Here at last… After saying my see you later to my twin brother (Branden), my mother (Bridge), my grandmother (Shirley Ann), my aunts (Karen & Latonia), my boyfriend (Richard), and my cousins (Mike, Thomas, & Domo). Yea I know it’s a lot of names, but my family loves me and was there to see me off.


Mission 1: Arriving to Belfast is now completed. After an hour delay out of BWI airport to a plane change in London, I am here; with all three of my checked bags!

I was the second to last to arrive in Belfast. After arriving I got my first meal in Ireland… A CHEESE BURGER & FRIES!!!! Boy…Oooo… Boy was it GOOD! Soon after that I got to meet up with the rest of the scholars, and since then we have been on our next mission, which will be revealed on my next blog. 

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