Welcome to Dublin

August 19th, 2013 | Uncategorized

What an eventful past few days it has been! After a bit more training with the other scholars on Saturday morning, Katie and I headed to Dublin to check out where we will be spending most of our next year. Much like the trip to Ireland that I was a part of with Saint Joe’s last August, the Yale women’s basketball team was to play a local club, the Meteors along with Katie and I as guests, Saturday night.

Although it was a bit of a tough game against the Yale squad, it was fantastic to finally hit the court here in Ireland. In addition to playing, we were able to meet the American ambassador as well as an Irish senator. I was also able to get my first taste of traditional Irish dancing in a wonderful (and thankfully long) half time show. Needless to say, after the game Katie and I were wiped out from an extremely long day.

The rest of the scholars joined us the following day as we prepared for our first day of camp with KUBS, which is the club Katie and I will be working with throughout the year. We had our first day of camp today, which had a much larger turnout than expected, and it was a great way to get us introduced to the kids we will be spending time with.

I am beyond excited to have finally arrived in Dublin, even if it is only for a few days. The kids are certainly going to keep us on our toes, but will no doubt be a blast to work with. I am definitely looking forward to the adventures ahead.

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