Welcome to the University of Limerick!

August 30th, 2013 | Uncategorized

Hello from Limerick! The first two weeks of training in Northern Ireland and touring in Ireland were nonstop; this week we (meaning me and Marian, my stellar Victory Scholar roommate) had a little bit of downtime to get settled in our new university before classes, coaching sessions, and practices start up.


Let me start off with a little description about the University of Limerick: it’s a museum with a university stuck in the middle of it. The campus itself is something spectacular – a running stream or something of the sort running through the middle of the campus with bridges joining one side of the campus from the other, running and bike trails circling the university, even multiple bars and shopping places on the campus grounds. Lets just say this is nothing like my previous, small university (no offense, Explorers).


Here’s a little round-up of the happenings here during our first week at the University of Limerick: basking in my first ever full-sized bed (finally upgraded from a twin – needless to say, I feel like an adult), screaming at walking face first into another one of the thousands of spider webs on our concrete jungle of a campus, finding trails to run around and trying not to get lost while doing so, bringing bags on bags on bags of things for our apartment back from the city on yet another bus ride, sharing a bottle of wine with our two Ireland roommates and planning future trips around Europe.


Can’t wait to see what is in store for us here at our new home at the University of Limerick… until next time!

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