Wheels Down in Ireland

August 14th, 2013 | Uncategorized

From delayed flights, changed flights, and a crazy layover in London wheels are finally down in Ireland. I have arrived to meet and work with some incredible people here in Belfast. Don’t get me wrong my family and friends are great, and I miss them all. I wouldn’t be here without all their love and support.

All of the scholars are fun and different in there own way. I was a “wee bit” (Irish for a little bit) surprised how nice and friendly my new Sport Changes Life family are. After our initial greetings the first thing Marc, our creative content producer, noticed was my shoes or ‘boots’ as they would say here. As you will continue to find out throughout my blogs I LOVE my shoes, as does Marc, so we will have plenty to chat about.

We have started our training and had our first eHoops session will the young people already! I’m not sure who was more excited to meet each other us (the scholars) or the eHoops kids. Needless to say our first eHoops session was a success. 


Looking forward to the weekend we are headed to Dublin for some events and we get to see a football game. Until next time!



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