Brace Yourself

September 22nd, 2013 | Uncategorized

First scrimmage without my knee brace felt alright. It was a win, a good win, but one to learn from. I scored a little, grabbed a few steals, and snatched major boards so it was a decent effort. The chemistry is great amongst my teammates; I’m just trying to fit in and find my role within the system. It’s a good system too! I probably should have worn my brace, but it’s so big and bulky, so I need to look into a smaller, more comfortable one that offers me more mobility. The solution will be ice, ice, and more ice.


I’m not just on a basketball team though. I’m on three different academic teams as well. I have 3 group projects this semester with many different people, some of which are located in New York! I’m looking forward to working with all of them. This past Friday my program had a dinner and then we hung out in Limerick city. We have grown so close these past few weeks and I really enjoyed it.


I also had a pre-season tournament this past weekend that has left me sorer than ever. I find my competitive spirit coming back to life and we won all 4 games so it was a grand effort. We also played against Katie and Shelby’s teams and I was so happy to see them as well! Basketball is a little different over here, but it’s nothing I can’t get used to. After all, my dad always taught me that the game of basketball is about making adjustments so I will make proper ones. Being on all these teams and making sure everyone is successful, while making substantial contributions is key in academia and basketball. My message in this blog is teamwork makes the DREAM WORK! 

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