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Today in my Operational Behavior and Management class, we learned and discussed the formation and structure of groups. I have been in groups all of my life; whether it is a basketball team, group project, or service trip, the goal of a team is to work toward a common goal. Teamwork is essential to winning in a team sport, and accomplishing the mission, whatever it may be.


After defining a team, the different roles needed in each team to affectively accomplish those goals, and the overall purpose, we transitioned into the influence that a group—or a team, can have on individuals. We focused on the idea of a group mentality, and how toxic it can be when a group accepts a norm and never challenges it. That’s why organizations bring in consultants to test the satisfaction of employees, to maximize profit, etc. Sometimes having that outside view is enough to transition a team stuck in a spiral, out.


In college, my first two years were tough. We worked hard, but did not win. After a coaching transition my junior year, we worked even harder, but didn’t see success for our hard work. Did we deserve to win more games? Sure, but more than our opponents? The quote of the day at practice on Wednesday was, “If you and your opponent both prepare the same amount, who will be victorious?” My senior year, we changed everything from our warm-up to our behavior off the court. It worked.


As I was sitting in class, I was thinking about how much I hate conformity, but how guilty of it I am. In my first two months here in Ireland, my goal has to been to somewhat “fit in.” Class reminded me that I hate that. I was born to stand out, and I will do so by bringing my unique background to my new friends and classmates, not by changing my behavior to fit into their ways.


Today was my best Friday here yet. I love this class, and it is challenging me to use psychology to look at business principles. After a great class, I realized I need some serious organization in my life. Laundry done, room clean, and I’m back to being me. At training tonight I brought up some of the concerns I realized in class. I have played basketball at a high level, and that unique experience has a lot to offer. After talking to the girls, I realized that I still need to be my self on and off the court—and use all that I learned and accomplished in the states to leave a mark here as well. Definitely the best training session we have had so far, and I am so excited I get to spend my year here working together with such a great group of young women.

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