Easing In

September 24th, 2013 | Uncategorized

For those of you who don’t know much about my background, I was born and raised as a budding scientist. Whether it was nature walks behind the Newman school with my dad or hanging out in the hospital with my mom, I have grown up questioning everything. I got the Science award in middle school, probably for my gummy bear virus made out of model magic or my creative lab report titles. It wasn’t until college though that I really began to become passionate about my studies. My major was in Integrated Biology, and I minored in Psychology/Human Development because I am captivated by using science and theory to better understand what makes humans different from other animals. I want to pursue a career in healthcare.


Katie, then why the heck are you studying business and management? I think everyone in my course, professor included, has asked me that question in the past week during introduction. Yesterday started my first official class at Trinity in the Masters of Business and Management program designed for students with undergraduate degrees outside of business. Perfect. Everyone else seems to answer this question with a variation of, “To better my chances of employment.” And I guess to a degree this is also my motivation for this masters degree.


I see two positive outcomes from this course. (1) I will strengthen my understanding of the business world, which like it or not, I’m realizing we all have to live in as adults. This area is a weakness in science undergrad degrees because we get very little practical experience in managing grants, developing companies, hiring the right employees, etc. (2) I will effectively use my unique combination of degrees to try to promote social change. Who doesn’t love a challenge!


I’m hoping as the year goes on I will develop a more concrete plan of action for my mark on the world, but Sport Changes Life is a great medium for right now! Luckily, my first course is Management and Organizational Behavior and basically a review of my psychology courses to date. I love it already.

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