Enjoying it While it Lasts

September 26th, 2013 | Uncategorized

  • This message may have dawned on me from a caffeine craving, but I read it loud and clear…  As I ordered a cappucino from the coffee shop in Eyre Square with a fellow coach before our coaching session, I noticed that the staff at the coffee shop put a lot of time and effort into these drinks.  The presentations were beautiful as I watched the people in front of me receive their lattes with pretty designs such as hearts, flowers, and an aray of stars.  When I was given my cappucino, my drink didn’t have a object designed on the foam, but instead it had cursive letters spelling “Enjoy.”  I was obviously impressed with the syrup design because the littlest things facinate me but I was also just happy at that exact  moment. I was happy to be doing what I love, happy that I was given this oppurtunity to travel, and to be around great people in city of Galway that are always looking out for me.


    So I’m going to take the advice from my cappucino and I will enjoy my time here.  I will enjoy this unseasonably warm and sunny weather that Ireland is currently having while it lasts. That being said this past Sunday was so gorgeous that I was able to jump into the ocean at Salt Hill Beach with some of the scholars that were visiting from the North.


    Yesterday I was able to travel to Dublin for the Basketball Ireland season launch and photoshoot.  This was a very cool experience as I was in the audience with other players throughout the country as they announced the drawings for the National and Premeire League brackets.  The announcement was broadcasted live on television and there were hundreds of young students in attendance that helped create an excited atmosphere.  After the drawings the players had a photo shoot for the Basketball Ireland media.  I had to use the restroom before the photo shoot and as I was in the bathroom there were four young hyperactive girls that were goofing off and running around. After thinking those girls remind me of myself at that age I just smirked and continued to wash my hands.  Once these girls saw my jersey that I was wearing they screamed, “Are you a professional, can we have your autograph?!”  As I sign the girls’ notebooks I’m just thinking about how I can’t wait to tell my teammates what happened. But I come back into the National Basketball Arena only to find that I now have to sign about 200 more autographs along with the other Irish players. The feeling was still surreal, and I think the best moment of the day was when I was signing a basketball for this little girl who was gripping her pink cell phone nervously and then asked if I could take a picture with her.  It’s not everyday that kids can make you feel like a celebrity…and that is what I will also enjoy while it lasts.


    Without even tasting my cappicuno I didn’t know how it was going be, too bitter, too sweet, too strong, but I knew it looked pretty good, and most importantly I knew that I can always change my drink to make it more enjoyable.  This is similar to life, not knowing how things may go but always knowing you can make changes to better yourself and your situation. And most importantly to ENJOY it !

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