Give Me Moher!

September 10th, 2013 | Uncategorized

The Cliffs of Moher were absolutely amazing! They are literally one of the most beautiful landscapes I’ve ever viewed in my life. My adrenaline was running as I stood near the edge with no wall between me and the 700ft drop. My mom just replied “Now Marian why would you do that?” I said “Well I wasn’t going to, but I couldn’t resist and it was so cool!” Needless to say she told me I better not ever do that again. Moms are normally always right, so I won’t. I will definitely go back again though.

Classes started this week and I can officially breath because my teachers understand that I don’t have business background and have designed the course to teach me the principles I need to succeed. As the course progresses I will have a better chance at succeeding because I will now understand the original concepts behind what we are doing. I’ll just keep telling myself “Come on Marian, push hard for 12 weeks and you will have your personally #VICTORY” right? I know I can do it for my Sport Changes Life family, my friends, my own family and for myself. 

Anyways, the freshmen on campus are letting themselves be heard. They are partying all night. They remind me a little bit of undergrad years. I still don’t think I can hang with the Irish, actually I know I can’t. No worries though, everything is looking good and I’ll have my first team bonding event this weekend with the team. I’m really looking forward to that. They have accepted me wholeheartedly and I appreciate that. Some of them travel really far just to practice so I try not to waste their time.

I’ll be joining some societies this week. I’ll steer clear of any sporty clubs just because I’m already living in the gym due to my class schedule and don’t want to risk getting injured. By the way, my student ID looks fabulous because I actually smiled and was looking at the camera. Lastly, I just have to give a special shout out to all my family and friends reading my blog. I love y’all and keep reading!

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