Hi Ho, Hi Ho, It’s back to School I go…

September 10th, 2013 | Uncategorized

After sightseeing the breathtakingly beautiful Cliffs of Moher, Corkscrew Road in the Burrens, and Salt Hill Beach it was time to get back to School… Our first school function started with the international student orientation. It was exciting to see all of the different international students this semester; it happened to be the biggest international class the university has ever had. I must admit I felt kind of old at this orientation. (Shout out to the class of 2012..woo!!) At first it seemed like the entire group consisted of young students that either didn’t speak English very well or was a junior girl studying abroad from St. Joseph’s University. (“OMG wait did you go to SJU?!” said from every girl we met that day to scholar Chris Coyne.)

But I was thankfully surprised on my first day of class to have a mix of classmates closer or equal to my age and all seemed really down to earth. I quickly made friends with my classmates, which is important since the students in this master’s program will have all the same classes together this year. Two great things I learned about the international management master’s program that I am enrolled in:

1. This master’s program was voted the number one business masters course in Ireland in 2013.

2. A trip to Hong Kong at the end of the Spring semester is available to the masters students, after which they will write their dissertation on their experience.

After learning the above, I was eager to start class and apply what I learned from my real life work experience to the course. Also the business trip to Hong Kong sounds like a once in a lifetime opportunity that I must do!

It’s going to be a change going to a school that has double the number of students that La Salle University had. However NUIG’s quad is just as beautiful as LaSalle’s and the church bells ringing from the cathedral also bring back memories of my alma mater. NUIG has a big school feel to it because of the large number of students and diversity, yet still has the small school comfort such as LaSalle, as I see someone I know on campus at least once every day.

I’d also like to mention the normal yoga pants, sweats, Uggs, and sneakers that are common among the university I attended in America is not exactly as popular for class attire here. I normally would be going from practice to class and class to practice so frequently I would always wear sweats. Well the classmates that I happen to be friends with show up to class with a new Michael Kors handbag every day along with complete fashionable outfits. I guess I have to step up my game out here!

Back to the grind but can’t wait to get stuck in, much love to my family and snitches back home!

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