Home Away From Home! Irony

September 9th, 2013 | Uncategorized

This past weekend, our Elks team travelled to Carlow for a basketball tournament and it became a flashback in many different ways. We won the first game handily and checked into our hotel before the next game later in the evening. Ironically, I was assigned the hotel room 417 on the floor Liberty Tree, while my home address in the states is 417 Liberty Court, WEIRD! This ironic occurrance made me think about my family at home and all my other family members that aren’t immediate family. The two are slightly different (Tree and Court) but it symbolized to me that I am in a slightly different environment as well, and now and I am surrounded with a new people, new opportunities, and new family members. 

The other flashback that I had was how exhausted I was playing with seven players and more than one game in a day. The exhaustion that my body was feeling reminded me of my high school AAU Basketball days where we would play 2-3 games a day and just be more sore than ever. The only difference is now I am older and even more sore than I was then! The best part about it is that it is a good sore because we were victorious in all of our games and we all played well together, which makes every win that much sweeter. Now it’s time to get ice down my entire body to try and feel 15 years old again!





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