Little Town..Big Hearts..

September 2nd, 2013 | Uncategorized

Before I left Limerick, I told my roommates I was off to Thurles and they looked at me in shock and asked, “Why?” They informed me that there wasn’t much to do in Thurles; but I was only going to get my hair braided, or at least that’s what I thought. After spending a few hours with the family they persuaded me to spend the weekend. I ended up going to a night vigil church service with the family and I was moved by the amount of energy and intensity radiating from such a small group. They could have praised and worshipped all night and I was truly amazed.

Elizabeth is an aspiring basketball player, I met her in Clonmel at the basketball camp and after the vigil her aunt asked, “Is this your friend?” Elizabeth replied, “That’s my big sister.” It’s amazing how a simple trip to Thurles for a hair appointment (with Elizabeth’s sister) led me to being surrounded by some great people. It also showed me how I could inspire someone without even knowing. Elizabeth was also invited to come to a practice at UL, so I will be looking after her and helping her improve her game. Her goal is to play in the US, something that I would like to see her achieve.

Elizabeth has four other siblings and they are all such strong individuals. They lost their father 6 years ago in a road accident and still find ways to help and encourage people through Christ Beloved Church. Their mom, Cecelia is the head pastor and on Sunday, at another church service, she announced that I would always be welcome in her home and that I was a blessing to her family.

I was lost for words and could only think about how Elizabeth walks 30 minutes to an outside basketball court just to work on her game. Basketball is truly an outlet for her, and her family literally does everything for their church. Spending the weekend with her family made me realize even more how important Sport Changes Life is to all the youth we impact across Ireland. I’m glad I found yet another place to call my home, away from home. Thank you Pastor Cecelia, Elizabeth, Dorcas, Peter, Beatrice and Elizabeth for a very special weekend!! 


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