Making the Most of it

September 25th, 2013 | Uncategorized

The Sport Changes Life program has offered me many unique opportunities and experiences for this year. One of which is the chance to travel and see parts of the world I may never have been able to reach otherwise. Over the last few weeks, as we prepared to get underway with school, I’ve tried to make the most of that opportunity.


Two weeks ago I traveled to Kaunas, Lithuania where my college roommate was back visiting his family. We caught up on things, did some site seeing, and just had a great time for three days. I also got to visit the capital city of Vilinus during my stay, and watched a Lithuania Eurobasket game amongst their crazy fans. By the end of the weekend I was dead tired, but it was a great trip.


This past weekend me and some of the other Victory scholars took the bus down to Galway to visit our fellow scholars Chris and Michele. While smaller cities/towns don’t usually do it for me, I really enjoyed the whole vibe of Galway. The pedestrian mall (shop street?) was really cool and a great place to hang out. Not to mention they have a Boojums burrito restaurant right there… Jackpot. Great trip down there and the bus ride wasn’t even too bad.


Looking forward to continue visiting different parts of the island and beyond.

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