Master Chef

September 27th, 2013 | Uncategorized

Before arriving to Ireland the last thing you could have called me was a “cook” or anything close to it. I’ve been forced to attempt to learn how to cook more and over the past month I have learned through trial and error and with some help from my coach/teammate/friend (Mr. Everything) Jared. After some of my friends and family read this they are going to be pretty surprised that I managed to complete a meal other than cereal for breakfast. 

The first time we went shopping I was hesitant to buy anything other than microwavable meals or deli meat for sandwiches. I started to get sick of eating the same food over and over so I decided to mix it up and purchase wings, pork chops, pasta, etc. The first time I went to cook some of these I went back and forth from the kitchen to Jared’s room asking him questions about  but eventually managed to pull through making the simplest meal….pasta. Most people would not be proud of that but I was!! That built up the confidence to move on to the pork chops, wings, etc. We’ve been making meals as a group now and it feels good to contribute to the cooking success. I’ve even helped out fellow scholar Kerri with her cooking! I might have to go into Culinary Arts now! 

On another note, we have a big bball tournament this weekend here in Belfast! look forward to getting on the court with the lads! Wish us luck


Master Chef,


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