Mi Mam and Pa have arrived!

September 12th, 2013 | Uncategorized

Very much on a whim, my parents decided to come visit before the semester started so we could do some traveling around the country. I am happy to report they have arrived safe and sound! Allen, after having three cups of Irish tea without realizing there was caffeine involved was wired upon arrival despite the 5-hour flight. Con also excited to be back in the homeland and ready for action. I don’t think I have ever seen either of them stay awake for as long as they have today—despite a quick catnap in the car, they fought the jet lag and made it until 10:30 for bed! Yesterday marked their 24th wedding anniversary, so the impromptu trip occurred exactly 24 years to the day that they left for Hawaii for their honeymoon! I am so blessed with strong, supportive parents, and that they are here to share this experience with me!


They also did me the huge favor of bringing one and a half extra suitcases filled with goodies. A special shootout to Benjamin for hooking me up with a care package of my favorite sweets and a great CD, as he always does. They also brought peanut butter, Nutella, avocados, pretzels and other things Shelby and I NEEDED in bulk for our survival the rest of the year.


The highlights of our trip down to Dingle included a pit stop for a cup of tea and a potty break off a random exit. We ended up totally accidentally in Moneygal, where Obama’s great great grandfather was from and at the very pub he visited on his trip in 2011! What a coincidence and a great way to start off the journey! We realized as we approached Limerick that it wouldn’t be right to check in with the UL scholars, and Marian was free so we stole her for an amazing lunch at Chocolat in Limerick, what a nice city and great to welcome her into our family! We then moseyed toward Dingle and despite the heavy cloud cover the views were magical. The adventures of Katie, Connie and Allen will continue tomorrow until Wednesday. Staying at an amazing B&B tonight I would already recommend to anyone in the Dingle area. Details on the infamous breakfast to come. Cannot wait to keep laughing with my parents for the next few nights. Sleep tight! 

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