Mission 3: Getting to Know Belfast- Not Completed

September 3rd, 2013 | Uncategorized

Finally Home… Well my home away from home for the next 10 months at the University of Ulster in BELFAST!!! It has been another exciting week. This week I was on the mission of exploring Belfast, and that I did. But not before I took trip to the Giants Causeway, it was awesome. It was a great adventure and at times it felt like I was looking out over the top of the world.

Next adventure, was going into the city centre where I found those four letters that every girl dreams about, MALL!!!! Every girls hobby is shopping and that’s exactly what I did, shops like Top Shop & H&M the European styles all at my fingertips. It was amazing to see some of the same stores I shop at back home in the United States. Now to make the day even better… A seven-letter word… BURRITO! OMG! The burrito was so good that it reminded me of an American fast food place called Chipotle. This place called Boojum is pretty famous in Belfast, Dublin and Now Galway. Funny that it is nearly in all the places the Victory Scholars are. #BOOJUM #VICTORY.

After this great week, I still have more to do and don’t think my 3rd mission of getting to know Belfast can be marked as completed yet. After this great week, I still have more to see & visit in Belfast. I can’t wait. To be continued…

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