Mission 4: An Unexpected Detour

September 8th, 2013 | Uncategorized

Usually my blog tells about a mission that I have completed during the week, but

this week I encountered an unexpected detour.  


Message From Marc:

Hi Guys, Hope you are all good. I was hoping to get a sit down with you all to go over a few more media pieces and help fill in a few blanks so to speak. Lets look at Friday and see how you are all fixed. I will come to you guys. Thanks Marc


I did not know that Friday, September 6, 2013, would give me a landmark of someone I hold dear to my heart. I say this because usually we do training in a room, but this time we were taken outside and given the opportunity to hear a  personal story from Marc who is a Sport Mentor and  creates all our Creative Media for SCL. I won’t go into details about his story, but while telling his story he mentioned the word “Grandfather” his “Papa”. When he said that word, I looked up to see what was beside him, and it was the letters “H&W” on a crane, and I couldn’t help but to smile…

Because my grandfather’s name is Haywood Waters… He passed away just a year ago August 24, 2012 from Prostate Cancer… Still to this day I miss him, but after hearing the word “grandfather” & then seeing H&W, it gave me the sign that my grandfather whom I called Da-Da is still with me in Ireland, giving me the thumbs up saying a job well done Brit-Brit. Back in the United States today, September 8th, is Grandparents Day and even though my grandfather isn’t alive, I would still like to say Happy Grandparents Day to him and my grandmother Shirley Ann!

Love You! 

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