My first coaching experience!

September 5th, 2013 | Uncategorized

In my life I have probably played in thousands of games. Count the minutes and it’s probably somewhere in the hundreds of thousands. In all that basketball experience, I don’t ever remember being as nervous as I was tonight.
Tonight, was our U-17 girls first friendly against the KUBS women’s team. As nervous as I’m sure the girls were, I promise I was worse. This was my first kind-of-official coaching experience and I had no idea where to start.

Would I forget one of the two offenses? Or worse one of the girls’ names? By tip off I was nearly sweating like a player. Then, before I was fully prepared, the game began and some of the nerves melted away.

As it went on, I am happy to say, I didn’t forget either of our two offenses, out-of-bounds plays, or even the girls’ names and, luckily, I had Katie there for collaboration on the halftime and time-out speeches. There is plenty of room for improvement in that department, although I don’t think we will ever reach Miracle-caliber.  

While coaching didn’t turn out to be as scary as I thought, I gained a new respect for all those who have coached me in the past and present. For the most part, they made it look way easier than it is. Our girls played hard, and I know with a few more games under our belts (coaches included) the only way we can go is up!

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