Small World!

September 16th, 2013 | Uncategorized

Since I’ve arrived a few weeks ago I have met a ton of great people in Belfast. What stands out the most so far is how many people I have met that are either from near my town, been to my small college, or knew someone that I knew! The last thing I expected when I came here was to meet anyone that knew anyone I did or had been to my college before. One of the legendary Victory Scholars last year (Andre Tongo) went to my college so I figured that he would be the only familiar connection I would have with anyone here. That was not the case at all, last night I met a couple who asked if I knew a girl named ML from my school, in fact she is one of my good friends and will be thrilled that I mentioned her! Also, one of my teammates told me the other day that he actually went to a basketball camp at my school but I thought I I was hearing his accent wrong! I thought to myself that there was no way he went to a camp at my school and he must have meant somewhere else, but I was wrong again. I’m sure more of these situations will come up and I look forward to each one, it’s always nice talking to people that have something in common with you! In the meantime, classes start this week so I better start mentally preparing now!


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