Sport Changes Life

September 6th, 2013 | Uncategorized

 I am happy to report that after my mishap Wednesday, one of my teammates Sue picked me up from Trinity today and held my hand on the bus to our gym so I couldn’t get lost. I even took the bus home on my own after training, and despite almost spraining my ankle and falling down the bus stairs, I got home without a problem!


These past three days Shelby and I have been working in schools trying to generate a general interest in the game of basketball and promote basic active lifestyles and the parallel between sporting values and every day life. I think its safe to say we have worked with over 400 primary school kids between the two of us in 16 hours. God bless those teachers, they have the patience of saints! We met some amazing young people and are excited to continue working with them. I had little Katie’s (from one of my previous blogs) class today, and they worked their butts off! I had her leading one of our defense drills. Coach J, every one of these kids gets the biggest kick out of Watt’s defense—although we don’t make them dive or take charges on the cement. I have to admit, it is a lot more fun being on the coaching side for that one!


I’m going to keep it light as it is Friday night and we have conditioning, aerobics, and pilates with the dad’s of Kubs again in the morning. Oh the adventures! I have some deep ideas that will come out in my next blog.


Happy weekend everyone!!!


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