The Relief Week

September 16th, 2013 | Uncategorized

I am going to title this past week in Limerick “Relief Week” because after being in Ireland for a month, I finally feel like I am settling into my new life here.


This past week was the first official week of classes at UL and things are in full swing on campus. Some necessary things were completed, such as class registration and immigration paperwork, as well as some other important things, such as FINALLY filling up our cupboard with food and making friends in my Master’s programs. The roommates and I even started a morning routine of cycling (which is MUCH harder than I anticipated) and yoga classes at a bright and early time of 7 am weekday mornings. The icing on the cake during the week would have to be when I met with the women’s soccer team on campus and practice begins Monday! It has been almost a year since my last soccer game, so it’ll be fun to start up again.


On the weekend, Marian and I did a little more exploring of Ireland and took a trip to Killarney, Kerry, visiting the Ross Castle and the Torc Waterfall. Hiking up around the steep steps of the Torc Waterfall was a workout in itself, as well as a dangerous excursion. Running down steep, slippery staircases in running sneakers probably is not the best idea, and I nearly gave Marian a heart attack when I lost my footing more than once (at least I now know that the roomie loves me.) Oh and Ireland weather, the most confusing thing I have ever experience; only in Ireland does it go from rainy, foggy and complete overcast to sunshine with no clouds in sight in just a few short hours. Regardless of the sporadic weather, Ireland truly is a beautiful country and I’m looking forward to the next chance we get to explore.


I am off to bed; tomorrow will be a busy day filled with group meetings, forcefully reading over 100 pages in articles, and soccer practice! Until next time!

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