October 4th, 2013 | Uncategorized

Do any of you remember the last few days of school when you were young? The clock couldn’t move fast enough and the anticipation of the wonderful summer activities to come made each second. Minute. Hour. Drag. Along.

That feeling of anticipation has been at the back of the mind all week, but today has been particularly challenging. This weekend marks the beginning of both our KUBS coaching debut and our Liffey Celtics league play. As the games get progressively closer my nervousness and excitement seem to increase exponentially. Although I know it will only make things worse, I am sure to be checking the clock every 2 minutes for the next day in an attempt to make it speed up.

In addition to coaching and playing, I am looking forward to a little team bonding over burritos before checking out a couple of the local Men’s Premier League teams duke it out. So many great memories to be made this weekend, now all I have to do is get through my final class of the week without breaking my watch!

A couple special shout outs: Happy birthday to my wonderful sister-in-law Emily Smith & congratulations to my roomie Katie Ganser on being named Social Media Scholar of the Month. Woooo! 

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