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October 21st, 2013 | Uncategorized

As we head into week 5 of our masters program, things are heating up in the classroom. This semesters classes include marketing, finance, and entrepreneurship. It’s been incredibly interesting for me because of the academic background I come from. My undergraduate degree was in biology and I spent the majority of college in scientific lectures and labs. This semester marks the first time I’ve taken a business class at any level, and it has been a learning experience from the jump.


Each class offers different perspectives on the various aspects of the business world. Though it’s all still pretty foreign to me, I think I could really come to enjoy the subject matter. It has been very applicable and relevant to real life; something I think all students can appreciate.

The most extreme example of this is our business venture project where we are required to create a viable business and sell a product. The project extends through the length of the module and has been both enjoyable and infuriating so far. In either case, the real life experience we’re getting out of it is priceless. Incredible that a third of the semester is already over. Time is flying.


Going to be a big day of readings and work tomorrow. Got to stay on top of things!

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