Business is Rocket Science

October 30th, 2013 | Uncategorized

Business is the rocket science equivalent in my mind. A few of my classes were cancelled this week, but I still have loads of studying to do. I recently turned in a business paper on corporate finance and risk management tools to increase shareholder value. After reading five articles I started seeing all of these complex and complicated equations. Honestly, I started getting dizzy. I couldn’t stand to look at it so I just scrolled down and looked for more words, and less equations. I must overcome my fear of numbers!


Dr. Flynn, my professor for International Corporate Finance, has offered one-on-one sessions to help me out. I need to take her up on that offer and begin ASAP. I also need to take advantage of the library tutorial math sessions. There are so many resources on UL’s campus and it’s my responsibility to use them to my advantage. 



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