Come Dine With Me

October 18th, 2013 | Uncategorized

First of all, I must say that I can cook a little but this has nothing to do about me going near a recipe and pots. Outside of experiencing Irish dishes and typical food, I have had the privilege of enjoying Diana’s good ole cooking. Boy oh boy, it’s amazing! She takes her time and hand preps every dish, chopping up peppers and adding her little spices.


Ever heard of the expression, “She put her foot in that one?” Or, “She used a lot of elbow grease?” Well Diana puts her feet, elbows, and everything else into those meals. The best part is that when I get home late from practicing or coaching, she has dinner ready and waiting for me on the microwave. I’m talking chicken curry, beef stir-fry, salmon, spaghetti with fresh green bell peppers, and anything else she can whip up in that kitchen. She even does the dishes, and I know I’m supposed to do them but some nights I get in really late and Diana just gets it done!


She asks me what I want and I say “Anything you are cooking,” because its so good. Diana never fails and my taste buds always go bonanzas with her dishes. There is always a party in my tummy and I feel at home with her meals. Let me know how much you need for the next grocery trip girl! (Shhh don’t tell my mom, but I think Diana can cook just a wee bit better)

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