Havoc in the Brooks Household

October 23rd, 2013 | Uncategorized

So my dad is planning to come visit me and that is fine. He wants to come in November, which is also fine; but he wants to come during my sister’s birthday! He is on his own with this decision. Even my mom has backed away on this one. She called me and told me Olivia’s response was “Really? You are going to go see Magic on my birthday?” 


Anyways, sometimes my dad moves slowly like a turtle. Needless to say he is just getting his passport. I don’t have much room to talk because I didn’t get one until June, and my mom and Olivia still don’t have one. Furthermore, once the government shut down, passports weren’t being processed because that’s a federally funded operation. I hope America get moving on this shut down soon.


I’m sure Olivia will be happy if my dad’s passport comes a little late. It’s a little sad for me though because I’m going to miss her birthday on November 18th; she’s turning 10 years old. Hitting double digits is huge, but she knows I love her. I’m also going to miss Thanksgiving, but that’s another blog in itself.  Nevertheless, I cannot help it if my dad is missing his firstborn; so stay tuned to who wins the battle of when to travel, Olivia or my dad. 

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