Making Friends One Continent at a Time

October 10th, 2013 | Uncategorized

Elle is my classmate from China. Although she is studying business, she is also working on improving her English. We have a group project together in International Corporate Finance, and I make it my duty to try and help her understand. Sometimes in class she will slide me her notebook and ask me to simplify what the teacher just said. If only Elle knew I’m trying to simplify it for myself too. So in actuality helping her in our business classes is helping me to better understand the content as well.


Then we have my good pal Fish. Yes, just like one in the water. Fish is also from China, but don’t ask me his real name because I don’t know it. I said, “Why do you call yourself fish?” He said, “I got it from Prison Break, the new guy is called Fish.” He is new to Ireland, but is fascinated with America. More specifically his exact words were “I love America and I love Allen Iverson.” He asked me how he could get braids like mine and I thought that was hilarious. Fish’s real mission is to get braids like Allen Iverson. He already has a similar crossover so I wont be surprised if I see Fish with some decked out braids next week.


As I find myself making adjustments to the way of life here, I’ve realized that it can be just as easy or just as hard for anyone else. Elle has her own way of learning English. Meanwhile Fish is just trying to make friends; and is in the gym everyday trying to replicate Allen Iverson crossovers. Personally, I’m just trying to keep up in the academic world of business.


I guess you can call me a “fish” too because I’m new to the scene finding my way with everyone else. At some point we all have to dive in, so why not swim with everyone else and learn something? 

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