Mission 11: It’s Like Christmas Every Wednesday

October 23rd, 2013 | Uncategorized

Oh, how I wish I could just be a child again. Thinking back like 15 years or so and I would be in elementary school, which they call primary school here. I say

that because every Wednesday I have the opportunity to go to St. James Primary School and have a blast with the children through basketball. During my breaks at the school, I think to myself if you told me 15 years ago that a sport would change my life in order to change others, I would have looked at you and said ‘yea right’ or ‘I don’t think so’. However, that is happening as you read this. I am making a positive impact on these children’s lives, giving them hope and at the same time teaching them basketball skills. At the end of the day, when they come in the session with me and Brian you can see it. The smiles on their faces as their little faces light up, they jump up and down with excitement, they all want high fives after making a shot, or winning a game and all this because of a ball that you can bounce… Just brilliant! It’s like Christmas is on Wednesday and you can’t wait to open up your gifts, seeing those children smile and be so happy is such a great gift for me and to know I am helping them it a blessing. It’s the same with the children,  they can’t wait until Wednesday because they know they get to play basketball. The flip side of this story is that I don’t want this Wednesday to come too fast, because it will be my sixth week at St. James and that means it’s my last time there. I am going to miss it terribly but we move onto another School soon so we must share our gifts and I will be back to see them when I can. 




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