MSc in Marketing: Campaigning & the Craic

October 21st, 2013 | Uncategorized

Today I got an unusual response when I told someone I was doing my MSc in Marketing: “I could never do that course, way too much reading.” I laughed, agreeing that we do have a bit of reading to do each week (about 200 pages)… but after the initial shock of the workload during the first two weeks passed, I have come to really enjoy the challenging course and the people that I am going through it with.


There are a grand total of 15 of us in the program. We are all in the same four classes, which are all in the same room, where we sit in the same seats. On top of the readings, we have a number of group projects in each class, consisting of developing campaigns, debates, class discussions, and presentations. As heavy as the load seems at times, we all will have our Masters in just one year, definitely making it all worth it.


Fortunately, I’m stuck with a great group of people for this Masters. Now I’m not saying this to be nice (since I know most of them read my blog)… I sincerely mean it! Between working on group projects at each other’s houses, splitting up the readings during daylong library sessions, and going for pints after a long day of classes, we have all become a pretty tight-knit group, which has helped make the course a bit easier to work through.


Time to get back to working on this upcoming class debate. We watched The Great Debaters last week as a little motivation for the debate (by the way, great movie), and although I will never in this lifetime be as good at debating as Denzel Washington was, I’ll try my best to be a close second. Until next time, readers!


P.S. Like my campaign group’s Facebook page called “What’s your excuse, UL?” on smoking addiction awareness, please and thank you!!

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