My Little Hustlin’ Huskies

October 11th, 2013 | Uncategorized

As soon as I walked into practice on Wednesday, two girls ran up to me. Ironically, it was the only set of twins we have on the team, Roisin and Dearbhla. I still get them confused, but one had a black and blue hand from accidentally hurting herself while practicing drills with a basketball. The other accidentally stabbed her thumb with a nail. I thought to myself the next thing they are going to ask is, “Can we sit out of practice?” To my surprise, I underestimated them because not only did they lace up, but also when they couldn’t participate in a drill, they asked for drills to do on the sideline.


When I was 12, I wasn’t asking for drills on the sideline, I was being told what to do. In all honesty, when I was 12 I was cutting corners and hoping I could sit out sometimes. They are already learning that little things like that will help them improve their game, both mentally and physically in the long run. After every practice I tell all of the girls to practice improving their game whenever they can. I reminded them that they don’t always need a basketball or a court either. Defense, dribbling with a tennis ball, or form shooting with a soccer ball can work as well.


After all, we only practice twice a week so every extra workout counts. I like the fact that the only time anyone complains on the team is when I forget to give them a water break. I always have to apologize and remember they are 12, not 21. Although we lost our first game, I’m confident that there are more wins than losses to come down the road. Stay tuned for a recap of this weekend’s game! #Inspire #Victory

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