Recap with CC

October 17th, 2013 | Uncategorized

One of my goals while in Ireland is to never get homesick. I came sooo close this past weekend, but my lovely friend CC came to visit me! CC works for Delta Airlines so she flies for free all over the world whenever she wants. It’s ok if you’re a little jealous because I am too. She only stayed Saturday-Monday, but so much fun was packed in those few days.


The fun started as soon as she got off the plane and walked through Terminal 2. I yelled her name and jumped up and down. I ran to hug her and I’m pretty sure we caused a scene. I also told her we would have good craic and her facial expression was absolutely priceless!


She met Diana, who she has nicknamed Debbie for some awkward reason, but that’s CC..a load of weird, crazy fun. She saw me play for the first time since I tore my knee up last December. She was the only one cheering super loud in the stands and after the game she said “I have to show Ireland how HBCU’s do it,” and I could only laugh.


My team welcomed her to our first night out together in Limerick City and she got a chance to witness the nightlife. We had a blast and CC saw how Irish people like to party and she is already planning a trip back next year. We spent all of Sunday in Dublin. I walked her all around the city and then we joined Shelby and Katie for Shepard’s pie and crepes. 


Me and CC played together, lived together, and we will travel together as friends forever. I was a little sad saying goodbye at the airport, but when you have friends like CC there is never a dull moment.


*A special thanks to my classmates who are always asking when my next home game is and giving me support throughout this season 🙂

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