The Importance of being a Role Model…

October 15th, 2013 | Uncategorized

I can still recount dozens of women’s basketball players who I looked up to in my youth. I think obsession might be a better word. One example that burns in my memory was during a basketball camp when my sisters and I were in elementary school. Our coaches were Aja Parham and Brianne Stepherson, two BC standouts. All I can do is laugh when reminiscing about these years. One day they at camp they both wore white ribbed tank tops. For the next two days, we had our mother running around every store in the greater Boston area in search of these tanks in our sizes, and for the rest of the summer we wore them faithfully. Needless to say, this was an awkward time in my life and donning a form fitting tank top on my gawky adolescent body with a tapered hair cut was by no means flattering. But it just speaks to the impact that role models have on our life. If this blog somehow gets to them, I apologize for the fascination my sisters and I had with you, but am so grateful that we had such role models growing up. I tell this story because as we grow up, we often forget the individual impact that we can have.


I am working with one of my favorite U17 girls, Ailbhe, to coach the U13 Kubs team. While I have gotten to know them on the court, I find that off the court interactions are the most important. The education system in Ireland is much different to ours at home, and we love talking about our different experiences in school. Abigail is one of our best post players and loves the game of basketball. At a water break, she was telling me about all the classes she is taking this semester, one of which was essentially home ec. In my high school, there was no such class so I was intrigued! The next week at practice with the conversation covered in my mind by hours of research and papers, she ran up to me and handed me a little tin foil package—it was a nutella bun she had made in class that day, just for me! Taken aback by the great timing as my tummy was rumbling on anticipation of dinner 3 hours later, I devoured the bun. And it was GREAT! This just reminded me of the impact that relationships, even those you are not fully aware exist, can have on a person. As usual, sports are continuing to change my life, this time through the actions of my players! 



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