When the Ball stops rolling…

October 8th, 2013 | Uncategorized

This past weekend we took a road trip to Donegal where we played 5 games in two days. I know what your thinking but nope there was no typo there we really played 5 games in two days. We won every game by a comfortable margin thanks to the leadership and guidance from Coach Connor and the MVP of the tournament fellow scholar Brian Hamor.


On the way back in the car we had a chat with Connor and our teammate Marty while Brian slept peacefully like he does on every road trip. We discussed how Connor had the natural coaching ability, seeing how he is undefeated coaching so far this year with two championships under his belt.


Marty did a year of high school in the US on an exchange student program and shared stories he had about his basketball coaches there. It really inspired me more to get involved in coaching. Back at home I took it so for granted how much time and effort coaches put into the young kids. Not to sure how I could over look this seeing how my father is a legendary basketball coach.


Day by day my eyes are opening more and more to life when the basketball stops rolling for me. If you roll a basketball, it doesn’t roll forever. Naturally it’s going to stop. When it stops for me I’ll give the ball a wee push for it to start rolling for young kids and change their lives hopefully as much as it has changed mine.

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