Why business?

October 9th, 2013 | Uncategorized

I have countless times had to explain why I am studying business this year, and frankly I have wondered the same thing. When presented with the opportunity to combine my three loves (basketball, serving others, and continuing my education), I dove in. I am guilty of rolling my eyes during my undergrad when the Business students only had one presentation or just midterms and finals, because I was being tested on a consistent basis and felt like I always had more work! 


After 3 weeks of learning “business,” I by no means am an expert. However, I now know why I am studying business, and how it applies to EVERY aspect of our lives. I think it should be mandatory for everyone to study at some point. I have begun to think differently about leadership, the function of marketing and the importance of teamwork. They all impact our daily life, and in ways we should be aware of.


Most applicable to me, I can see how important understanding business is in the medical field. I am doing a lit review now on customer service in health care and the role of a physician in patient satisfaction. Looking at medicine from this outside perspective has already taught me so much.


So, my apologies if I ever rolled my eyes at you for complaining about lots of work (ben :). My first 3 weeks of my masters has been very intense, and very rewarding. Study break is over, time to finish my paper! 

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