2013 Irish Web Awards

November 6th, 2013 | Uncategorized

Katie and I are fresh back from the 2013 Irish Web Awards, and I have to say, what a fun group of people! There were web designers, business owners, coders, geeks, nerds, athletes, you name it, they were there. Even Liam and Noel Gallagher were in attendance (kidding, they were in the restaurant next door…still pretty cool).

Katie and I were in attendance to represent Sport Changes Life, who had been nominated for Best Sporting Website. Although we didn’t win (thejourney.ie did, cool website, check it out), we had an absolute blast. We were surrounded by a fun group of amazingly supportive people. There was even an award for the “ugliest website,” and shockingly, the winner was in attendance to accept it! Needless to say, he received a standing ovation, and I am sure a few business cards for local web designers.


It was truly an honor to be amongst such a creative and entrepreneurial group. Both Katie and I were very thankful to be given the opportunity to attend.

Random coincidence: The host happened to be named Rick O’Shea. For anyone who has seen or been involved in my admission video knows the joke I am about to tell…

What do you call an Irish man who can’t stop bouncing off the walls?

Rick O’Shea…



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