A Budgie?

November 19th, 2013 | Uncategorized

Have you ever heard of a budgie? Apparently that’s what we call parakeets on this side of the world. And what’s the most common thing to have with milk? Tea, naturally. Foods that start with a c? Chips and crisps…


We had a team dinner at Rebecca’s house tonight and in addition to great food and a cool bird, we played an intense game of Family Fortunes (the British version of Family Feud). Mai-Thy and I had to shift our answers to accommodate the cultural differences, and the results were hilarious. I actually eat cookies with milk and still struggle to differentiate between chips and crisps. After my team was winning 300+ to 0, we decided to share the love with the opposition. Much to Fiona’s dismay, they made a swift comeback with a few favorable rule adjustments and came back to WIN the game. Fair play, fair play.


Although I thought being around a team other than my Merrimack sisters would be weird, I couldn’t be luckier. These ladies are great hosts, tour guides, interpreters, teammates, drivers, advisors, stylists, friends and literally anything else I might need them to be. I’m obsessed. Can’t wait until our next team dinner! 

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