Don’t Worry….Be Happy….Be Thankful

November 29th, 2013 | Uncategorized

Be thankful! That is the only phrase I could think about this Thanksgiving. Everyone around me had already shifted into Christmas mode, but I couldn’t let one of my favorite holidays be forgotten. I must say I am a fan of the Christmas jumpers though, but no matter how far away from home I am, I will always be take time to remember people who have helped me throughout life. I was sad that I couldn’t make it up to Belfast with the other victory scholars, but I was thankful that my dad spent the last week with me.


We went to an Irish concert, visited King John’s castle, and he came to my game in Cork against Brunell. My dad surprised me because I wasn’t sure if he would make it. I showed him all around the campus and at night we would surf the web checking in on all my friends who still play basketball. We also went to see Hunger Games: Catching Fire and we spent one night giggling to Hangover 1 and 2.


His favorite part of the campus was the living bridge….until he looked down! Then every time we walked over it, he said he felt like he was in the middle of Hunger Games all over again. I go home in less than 20 days, but I still have business to take care of academically and athletically. I made a sacrifice not going up to Belfast because our team will be playing live on aertv and I know it is important for us to be sharp.


I want to personally thank the board members and partners, my SCL family, and everyone else involved who helped make that thanksgiving dinner happen for the others. They really deserved it and none of us would be here without the relationships established between the hardworkers involved at our respective institutions and everyone who supports the mission of SCL. 

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