Good Deeds and Good Staches

November 17th, 2013 | Uncategorized

Friday marked the halfway point for Movember 2013, where men across the globe grow moustaches through the month of November to raise awareness for men’s health. It’s a fun, albeit unflattering, way to spread an idea and raise some money for a cause not often at the top of people’s radars. It’s also incredibly easy to participate in, which made me think about the cost of doing good deeds.


Every once in a while watching the news or reading the paper we see examples of extraordinary acts done by ordinary people. Someone runs into a burning house to save a baby, or a driver pulls over on the highway to help someone out of a terrible car wreck. Things that go above and beyond what we would think of normal social duty. I think we can all agree that running into a burning building is more than anyone is expected to do for another person. That would be at the furthest point of altruism. All other ‘good deeds’ fall on a downwards gradient of cost under supreme acts of kindness like those are.


Participating in an event like Movember is all the way at the bottom of that gradient. Doesn’t cost any money. Doesn’t cost any time. The only “cost” is looking a litte goofy for a month, and I think (or would like to think) that most people are secure enough in themselves that at the  end of it, it isn’t such an issue. I’m not so idealistic that I think small gestures of kindness and generosity can change the world… but it can’t hurt. When there is an opportunity to do something good at low or no cost, you might as well do it. 


If you’re feeling generous head over to my Movember page and throw in a donation. If not then at the very least think about getting on board with the Movember crew next year.



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