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November 27th, 2013 | Uncategorized

I haven’t been on here in a little while because I’ve been caught up in school work and our Just Dye It Socks business so I figured I would give an update on how the business has been going.

It has been doing pretty well lately and we have finally distributed a good amount of socks. We got a lot of orders from the kids in the schools we work at so it was good to see how happy they were to actually receive the socks. The whole time we’ve been working there they have made a bunch of comments on how much they like them so it was amazing to get a chance to actually give them some. Brittney and Bryan have been working hard tye dying a bunch of pairs over the last couple of weeks because we had a chance to set up our own table at the school and sell them to students. We didn’t sell as many as we wanted to but it was a good chance to get used to selling to people before our big day on Dec. 5 (My birthday) where we will be selling at Forestside Mall all day. The craziest part of marketing our socks was that we actually got a few emails and orders from people down south that wanted to buy some for their basketball team. It was good knowing that our hard work put into the business was paying off and that some people down south had even heard of us! Our socks have also started to become a hit on our own Elks basketball club so hopefully they bring us goodluck for the rest of the season!


With Thanksgiving coming up in a couple days I will definitely miss being with my family but it will be nice to share this feast with the Sport Changes Life family too. On that note, I do have to update everyone on how my cooking has been going so tune in for some updates and pictures on some of my latest meals! My friends and family will be stunned!


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