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November 14th, 2013 | Uncategorized

Today was a great day. I have found myself semi-homesick this past week because I have a reading week—i.e. no lectures. After long hours in my room studying this that and the other thing, I have been pretty isolated. But today was enough to remind me just how much I love Ireland and how sport really does change lives.


After missing Kubs Thursday training last week for a Meteors table quiz (we didn’t win..), I was so excited to get back and see the girls! Along with a surprise visit from Gareth, I was greeted by huge hugs and smiles. After a long week, it was reassuring to know you are loved and cared about. The U12/U13s got new uniforms and were looking spiffy as ever, and Maria (one of the amazing mothers) made cakes (cupcakes) to celebrate our first win this past weekend!


Training with the U17s was hilarious. We worked really, really hard and managed to have so much fun doing so. The highlight of the night is a tie between Ailbhe and Hannah Ennis both wiping out during zig-zags and Hugh’s screeching.


Ailbhe and the rest of the Murphy clan (3 girls!) invited me to dinner at their house afterwards, which was a nice change from the normal routine! On the ride home, I listened to the familiar drama of sisters stealing clothes, which is all too familiar in the Ganser household. Lucy, who is in first year, made delicious spaghetti and meatballs. They are graded on a home ec practical, and this was great practice. We have confirmed our date for dinner next week, the girls cook and I do nails after.


Great end to a tough week, and look forward to battling the Ulster scholars this weekend!

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