St. James: The Experience

November 11th, 2013 | Uncategorized

Looking back at the last six weeks of St. James Primary School, we have all come a long way. When I say “we”, I’m talking about myself, Brittney, the kids, the faculty, etc. The first week we were there we didn’t know anybody and we were still getting acclimated to a new culture and new program. Reflecting on the relationships that started back on week 1 and now walking into the school as if we are a part of the St. James family is a great feeling. The kids were all pretty shy the first few weeks but as the weeks went on they started to get louder and louder and joke around more and more with us. A couple weeks ago, I was even given the nickname “Mr.Wavy” by a few of the P6 girls because of my hair. Every time I walk in the school now and hear “Mr. Wavy!” I know exactly what kids are calling my name. It’s just a great feeling looking back at the weeks and now seeing how comfortable everybody is with one another and how much fun everyone is having. It’s important to get that break away from your studies in school and I feel amazing knowing I could provide that break and the fun that they needed!

The faculty lounge also has gotten more talkative since we have been there. The beginning was more generic conversation, being polite to one another, but as the weeks go on everybody starts to know one another and talk about almost anything. They were even making fun of my accent the other week when I was there and that was pretty funny as well. Overall, I am looking forward to going to St. James this week but it is going to be a bitter sweet ending!




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