Successful Trip to Dublin

November 18th, 2013 | Uncategorized

Hello everyone! As the cold starts to kick in, and Christmas lights are beginning to shine bright in the dark weather, it’s starting to feel like one of my favorite times of the year!!  After a pretty tough week, we just finished a successful weekend trip to Dublin.  On Saturday night, we took on fellow scholar Katie and a very solid Meteors team.  This was one of the first games in awhile we’ve had almost a full squad, and it was nice to have Fionnuala and Mairead back out on the court!  We came out strong and ready to play, gaining a big early lead.  However, Meteors is a team that never gives in, and they proved that in our game.  They cut the lead in the second half, making it a close battle in the fourth quarter.  With some made free throws at the end of the game, we were able to pull out a great win in Dublin!  I’m really proud of our team for our perseverance and hard work, and really happy we were able to get this win.  I look forward to building on this victory as we take on another tough team this upcoming weekend at home.


After our game, some of us were able to stay in Dublin for the night.  We had a great night on the town.  The lights in Dublin were really shining, and it was hard not to smile as we took in this beautiful city.  I was able to see one of my good friends, Carolyn, from home who was here for the weekend! It was great seeing her and some of her BC friends who were enjoying a visit from their study abroad program in Rome.  It’s such a small world we live in.  It’s always nice to feel a touch of home when you’re this far away. 


On Sunday, Brit and I were invited to dinner at Susie’s cousin’s house in Dublin.  Dinner was served at 2pm! Yes, not lunch, but dinner.  It is custom to have your dinner at this time, and tea and wee sandwiches are served later in the afternoon.  The meal was amazing, keeping on track with my love of some homemade Irish meals!  One of the best parts about my experience so far is how welcoming every family we have been fortunate enough to meet has been to us, and I’m always so grateful for them allowing us into their home.  I would definitely say this was a successful trip to Dublin.  Very proud of my team, and looking forward to another week with SCL!

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