The Acceptance Speech.

November 7th, 2013 | Uncategorized

Whoever was the event planner for the 2013 Realex Fire Web Awards, I want them to plan my next event. Lights everywhere, picture props, amazing music, and sweets, sweets and more sweets. The combination, what a few awards thrown in there!, made for a great night. Shelby and I went to represent Sport Changes Life, nominated for Best Sports Website in Ireland. At the beginning of the show, they announced that all winners would be expected to make a short speech! Quickly channeling my speech giving days, we hoped for the best.

Unfortunately we didn’t win our category but were up against some great competition. I have a feeling we will win it next year. But luckily we can blog our acceptance speech (for just being amazing).


And the winner is….Sport Changes Life!


We are the Victory Scholars studying at Trinity College! It’s a long story that we love to tell, so ask us after, or check out our amazing website. We are accepting this award on behalf of our incredibly talented media genius, Marc Mulholland. Without Marc and the team at Mammoth Andrew, Mike and Bobby we wouldn’t have achieved such a feat. This website was designed to show that Sport Changes Life, it really does – no joke. Thanks a million! #victory


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