Birthday love.

December 3rd, 2013 | Uncategorized

To say the least, I had an incredible Thanksgiving/birthday week. Benjamin flew in Thursday morning and the Dublin crew headed up to Belfast for our #victory Thanksgiving celebration! When we first arrived, we found the Belfast Christmas market and coincidentally ran into the rest of the scholars. Dinner was so nice and it was great to all be together.

A Thanksgiving message from my family and a birthday cake to celebrate brought on the waterworks, but it was so special to share this experience with Benjamin.

I came home Friday to decorations and birthday cookies made by the one and only Shelby Irene, the best roommate ever!

Saturday we had U17 Kubs training and we had Ben guest coach, and the girls did it again with a great birthday surprise. They sang, made me a delicious cake and got me one of the most thoughtful and hilarious gifts ever, a pink Trinity hoodie with “Mother Goose” on the back. It’s an inside joke based on the fact that “Ganser” means goose keeper in German.

We spent the rest of Saturday driving down to Cork so Ben got to meet the lovely Meteors ladies and entertain them with countless “cow” jokes as we rode through the country.

Celebrations continued Sunday when Shelby, Mai-Thy, Ben and I went to Crackbird for chicken (yum) and then saw the Hunger Games (amazing).

And of course Monday was my actual birthday, and my Irish cousin surprised Ben and I in Dublin for a day of shopping and lunch! It means so much to have so many people who care about you, especially this far away from home!

This crazy weekend extravaganza continued with a second dinner out with Ben and the girls for crepes, and then training Monday night. As we tried as a team to make 10 consecutive free throws some of my teammates started singing and had a cake and amazing card. We will find out next Saturday if my wish comes true!

Thanks to everyone who made me feel so loved and so much at home here in Dublin this weekend, I am truly blessed to have met so many amazing people! And of course, in 12 days we can celebrate back home in Boston 🙂

#victory is #family

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