Coaching Progress!

December 8th, 2013 | Uncategorized

The best part about coaching is noticing the progress of everyone around you as the weeks and months go by. I look at myself, the players, and coaches around me and we have all progressed over the last few months and it’s a great feeling. Our Junior Elks practices now, compared to September are a substantial amount better in terms of everyone working hard, communicating, and playing as a team. Our team has had many quality wins and a few upset victories over U18 squads.

Today, I got to work the BNI Girls Academy for a few hours and it was great to see the girls implementing footwork details and other suggestions that we made to them at the last academy and using them today. This shows that we are having a positive affect on them and they are using the drills and teaching points we are giving and practicing on their own. It’s great knowing we got them to realize how important it is to practice and do these drills on your own or with a partner because that is where the real progress occurs.

In terms of coaching, I have made progress as well. In the beginning I was so used to college terminology for certain basketball drills and details that the players would have no idea what I was saying (my accent didn’t help either). I have adapted over the last few months and started talking and helping them in ways they can understand. The Junior Elks girls have been playing great so far this season because of their hard work. I hope they can continue this in tomorrows game at 1:30! I’ll keep you guys posted!




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